Pure Nutricion Full Consultation (GOLD) 

A comprehensive intake questionnaire e.g. medical history, medication, lifestyle etc. A three day food diary to be completed and returned two days before the appointment; maximising time spent in the consultation to cover the areas of most importance as the initial consultation reveals the background of issues and triggers enabling a clear understanding of individual challenges to be overcome. An appropriate and realistic ‘in depth treatment plan’ is created and tailored to support specific needs and circumstances.

£75.00 - 1 hour

Follow-up Consultation

Time to reflect upon the treatment plan, to record and measure the progress of each client and to provide any additional support at this stage. It’s also recommended so that new areas can be examined and addressed. 

£45 - 1 hour

Repeat Follow-up Consultation

Further consultations that may be considered a journey of self discovery, consequently we do not have to struggle and feel alone with such a challenge. The Pure Nutricion Programme provides full support throughout.

£35 1/2 hour

Phone Support
£15 - 20 mins

Pure Nutricion Colour / Image Analysis

A perfect solution to improve self image through the knowledge of which colours truly compliment your skin tone and hair colour. It is extremely empowering enabling you to shop with confidence!

£45 -  1/2 hours

Weekly Support Group