How you think and feel is directly influenced by what you eat and drink!

You can improve your mood, emotional stability, energy levels and your memory simply by:-

Balancing your blood sugar levels ideally with protein first thing and eating fruit separately from a meal.

Having a good source of vitamins and minerals from a varied and colourful diet.

Eating essential fats from linseeds and oily fish.

Including good protein sources essential for amino acids; eggs are great, nuts, seeds and quinoa too.

Eating phospholipids for fluid body cells - lecithin granules.

Avoiding brain pollutants i.e. fuel fumes (lead), household chemicals, aluminium in deodorants and cookware etc.

Drinking at least 2 litres of (ideally filtered) water every day - regular sipping is best for hydration.

Juicing fresh raw vegetables and fruit is an excellent source of a potent cocktail of nutrients.